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FASC. 34 / 第三十四号

Aleksandra Kaniewska
Gender in Japanese Television Cooking Shows - Comparative Content Analysis of Contemporary Broadcast Media

Paulina Warchol
The Mass Media and Political Communication: How Democratic Are the Media and  Electioneering in Japan?

FASC. 32/33 / 第三十二・三十三号

Diana Donath
Black Romanticism in Postmodern Japanese Literature - The Works of Ogawa Yoko

Patrycja Duc
The Meaning and Use of Waseieigo in Present-Day Japanese Literature

Sabina Imburska-Kuzniar
Western Suit Ill-Matched to a Japanese Body:
The Problem of Christian and Japanese Identity in the Works of Endo Shusaku

Arkadiusz Jablonski
Polish-Japanese Communication as a Challenge- in the Light of Interpretation Practice

Magdalena Kanska
Masculinities in Modern Japan

Krzysztof Loska
Traumatic Identity in the Films about the Atomic Bomb

Marta Newelska
Male Homosexuality in Pre-Modern Japan

Marcin Rutkowski
Manga and Anime as Pornography according to Polish Criminal Law

Katharina Schruff
Six-Dimensional Analysis of Language

Bartosz T. Wojciechowski
On Common Traits in Two Ideographic Writing Systems:
Ancient Egyptian and Chinese

FASC. 31 / 第三十一号

Dawid Glownia
The Zigomar Scandal and the Film Censorship System in Japan

Aleksandra Jarosz
Polysemic Values of Native Japanese Lexemes in the Light of wago Heterography

FASC. 29/30 / 第ニ十九・三十号

Diana Donath
Philosophical Thought and Idealism in the Works of the Great Meiji Author Koda Rohan

Arkadiusz Jablonski
On Inter-cultural Communication between Poles and Japanese

Marcelina Lesniczak
The Marriage Motif in Tanizaki Jun'ichiro's Literature between 1913 and 1923,
and its Connections with the Writer's Private Life

Tomasz Majtczak
How Are We Supposed to Write with Something like That?
Early Employment of Chinese Script to Write Japanese, as Exemplified by the Man'yoshu

Wojciech Nowak
A Study of Kakure Kirishitan Culture through Its Festivities

Katarzyna Sonnenberg
The Self and Faces in a Diary. A Reading of Ichiyo Nikki


ー 陰陽道の影響 −

FASC. 27/28 / 第ニ十七・二十八号

Ei'ichi Hoshino
Human In/Security in Okinawa: Under the Development Promotion Regime

Beata Bochorodycz
Local Issues and Global Alliances:
US Military Bases and the Save the Dugong Movement in Okinawa

Stanislaw Meyer
Japanese Minorities and the Question of Citizenship:
the Case of the Ainu, Koreans and Okinawans

Sigrid Hofmeister-Watanabe
The Sound of Memories on the Battle of Okinawa:
an Art Project

FASC. 23/24/25/26 / 第二十三・二十四・二十五・二十六号


FASC. 21/22 / 第二十一・二十二号

Malgorzata Citko
Three Faces of Lady Nijo, the Authoress of Towazugatari


FASC. 20 / 第二十号

Anna Trzaska
Flâneur on the Streets of Kyoto

Kaiji Motojiro
tlumaczenie/translation/翻訳 Aleksandra Szczechla

Katarzyna Sonnenberg
Tragedies Retold with Humour.
The Narrative Voice in Saikaku's Koshoku gonin onna

FASC. 19 / 第十九号


Arkadiusz Jablonski
How Procedures Work - An Example from Japanese

FASC. 18 / 第十八号

Shinobu Kaiho-Przybylska
Deviation from Traditional I-novel Charecteristics―

Mizumura Minae's Shishosetsu from Left to Right

Agnieszka Kozyra
Nishida Kitaro's Logic of Absolutely Contradictory
Identity and the Problem of Ethics in Zen

Mikolaj Melanowicz
Yamada Taichi's Work ― The Scope of
Metamorphoses of Popular Drama and Novels in the
1980s During the "Bubble Culture"

Ewa Palasz-Rutkowska
Ambassador Tadeusz Romer.
His Role in Polish-Japanese Relations (1937-1941)

Katarzyna Sonnenberg
Caught in Between. Women of the Demimonde in
Higuchi Ichiyo's Narratives

Iwona Kordzinska-Nawrocka, Agnieszka Kozyra
1000-year Anniversary of Genji Monogatari
Polish Association for Japanese Studies Conference
The University of Warsaw, 20-23 October 2008

Polish Association for Japanese Studies

FASC. 17 / 第十七号



FASC. 16 / 第十六号

Unknown Author
Lisica z Shinody

tlumaczenie/translation/翻訳 Monika Tsuda

Estera Zeromska
The No Stage - Between Sacrum and Profanum

FASC. 15 / 第十五号

Stanislaw Meyer
In Defense of 'Invented Traditions': The History of Okinawa as Portrayed in Narratives of Karate

Anonymous text
Tenchi hajimari no koto
(O poczatkach nieba i ziemi)

tlumaczenie/translation/翻訳 Wojciech Jerzy Nowak

FASC. 14 / 第十四号


Sugawara Takasue no Musume
Pamietnik z Sarashiny

tlumaczenie/translation/翻訳 Adam Bednarczyk

FASC. 13 / 第十三号

Elzbieta Kostowska-Watanabe
Social Cost of Meiji State Transformation

Olena Mykal
Development Aid in the EU-Japan Security Dialogue:
Ensuring Peace and Stability by Economic Means

FASC. 12 / 第十二号

Arkadiusz Jablonski
Modality, Honorifics, Meaning


FASC. 11 / 第十一号


Nambo Sokei
Namporoku, czyli Zapiski z poludniowych stron
Rozdzial II, CZESC 2

tlumaczenie/translation/翻訳 Anna Zalewska

FASC. 10 / 第十号

Yuji Kanamaru
Local Network Parties in Japan:
Difficulties for New Politics Parties to Succeed in the National Politics

Nambo Sokei
Namporoku, czyli Zapiski z poludniowych stron
Rozdzial II, CZESC 1

tlumaczenie/translation/翻訳 Anna Zalewska

FASC. 9 / 第九号

Monika Szychulska
Between East and West:
A Profile of Professor Yoko McClain

Yoko Matsuoka McClain
Natsume Soseki and Jane Austen



FASC. 8 / 第八号

Beata Bochorodycz
Policy Initiatives in Japanese Local Administration:
Initiation of the Okinawa Prefecture's Cosmopolitan City Formation Concept

Mariusz K. Krawczyk
A Tale of Two Monies.
Open Standard Versus Competing Standards in Electronic Money Payment Systems in Japan and Germany


FASC. 7 / 第七号

Maciej Kanert
I Am a Cat From A Historician's Perspective

Yoko Matsuoka McClain
Natsume Soseki (1867-1916) and his First Novel I Am a Cat

Mikolaj Melanowicz
Wagahai wa neko de aru - Narrator's eyes and ears


FASC. 6 / 第六号

Mikolaj Melanowicz
Winds over Ryukyu. A Narrative on the Ryukyu Kingdom in 17th Century

Anna Mierzejewska
The Buddhist Inspiration of The Concept of Faith in The Philosophy of Hajime Tanabe

FASC. 5 / 第五号

Marcin Bruczkowski, Arkadiusz Jablonski
Sleepless in Tokyo

Ekai Kawaguchi
Chibetto no ryokoki
Zapiski z podrozy do Tybetu

tlumaczenie/translation/翻訳 Marta Trojanowska

FASC. 4 / 第四号

Szymon Grzelak
Degree modification of verbal forms: scalarity of totemo and bardzo from a contrastive perspective

Iwona Merklejn
The Role of Media in Bringing Aid to Victims of Natural Disasters: a Few Cases from Postwar Japan

FASC. 3 / 第三号

Dorota Halasa
The Concept of Ie in Modern Japanese Society

Nambo Sokei
Namporoku, czyli Zapiski z poludniowych stron
Rozdzial I, CZESC 2

tlumaczenie/translation/翻訳 Anna Zalewska

FASC. 2 / 第二号

Iwona Kordzinska-Nawrocka

Nambo Sokei
Namporoku, czyli Zapiski z poludniowych stron
Rozdzial I, CZESC 1

tlumaczenie/translation/翻訳 Anna Zalewska

FASC. 1 / 第一号

Arkadiusz Jablonski
Honorific Modification (HM): The Informative And The Non-informative Part Of The Message

Dogen Kigen
Zbior zasad, na ktore nalezy zwrocic szczegolna uwage studiujac Droge, pierwszego patriarchy [klasztoru] Eihei
tlumaczenie/translation/翻訳 Maciej Kanert

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